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Outsourcing of information security manager

The service of outsourcing the function of information security manager is adapted to all types and sizes of organizations. It consists of the engagement of an information security expert a certain number of days or hours per month. With this function, the organization protects information, covers the requirements of regulators, as well as other needs in accordance with regulations and procedures of information security. The head of information security performs his duties in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 norms, laws and good practices.

Cyber threats are on the rise. The attackers are no longer children trying to gain fame by breaking through the system, but are serious criminals, scammers, hackers, as well as teams of professional hackers, sometimes even sponsored by other countries. Their targets are organizations of all sizes. If we do not protect the organization and information resources, the consequences can be:

  • Loss of productivity due to downtime of business processes
  • Loss of confidential business information
  • Loss of intellectual property and clients
  • Loss of reputation
  • Regulatory penalties and other types of financial and business damages

That is why it is important to have an expert responsible for information security in the organization, who will know how to recognize risks and actively manage them.

Why outsource the Information Security Manager function?

Organizations decide to outsource most often due to lack of professional staff or due to savings …

  • Lack of professional staff – lack of sufficient professional staff in the organization or in the labor market. Given that the position of information security manager is extremely sought after, a large number of experts are already employed in other organizations or are otherwise unavailable. Organizations through outsourcing can solve the problem by hiring an outside expert. By outsourcing the function, you have ensured that the work is done by a person who will always be able to identify and prevent new threats to information security.
  • Savings – organizations can save up to 75% on the externalization of the information security manager in relation to the cost of hiring their own information security manager, his education and certification. In a large number of organizations, the information security manager does not have a full-time job, but only needs a certain number of hours or days per month.

Our experts have many years of international experience in information security management, as well as managing information security systems in organizations of various types and sizes. We also have extensive experience in educating and informing employees about information security through courses, workshops and online education. Contact us with confidence!


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Voditelj informacijske sigurnosti (CISO)
Voditelj informacijske sigurnosti (CISO)

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