Internal IT auditor

Outsourcing of an internal IT auditor

Internal IT audit is an independent, objective assessment of the effectiveness of the system, designed to provide added value and improve the performance of the organization. The internal IT auditor uses a systematic approach to assess your IT system using best practices, applicable laws and regulations, and established management standards. Internal audit is an excellent catalyst for the management of information technology, information risk and information security controls.

Nowadays, the challenge is to find a person who possesses the expertise needed to conduct an IT audit. There is a growing demand for internal IT auditors in the labor market, especially because regulators require that individual organizations must have an internal IT auditor, who must be independent. Very often it is difficult to justify the cost of an internal IT auditor’s job due to the smaller workload. Fortunately, regulators allow the externalization of the internal IT auditor function as planned or as needed.

Xiphos has a solution!

Xiphos offers the service of outsourcing the function of an internal IT auditor who performs this function in accordance with the organization’s operations, regulatory requirements, contractual obligations and other needs of the organization.

We perform system audits in accordance with internationally accepted management frameworks such as COBIT, ISO / IEC 27001: 2013, ISO 22301: 2012, PCI-DSS.

By using the internal IT auditor’s externalization service, you comply with the existing legal and regulatory requirements, have a completely independent audit and reduce the costs of the auditor’s own employment as well as the costs of his training.

ISO/IEC 27001
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